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Ashwin Kumar R., CEO

Ashwin Kumar R., is the founder & CEO of uncode IT Solutions. He's a bachelor of Electronics & Communication Engineering from Madras University, 1997 batch. He's passionate about automating repetitive tasks, adopting straightforward yet light-weight solutions, and uncomplicating implementations. His particular interests include: IT Consultancy, IT Automation, Web Development, App Development, and fulfilling contractual Software development.


He started his career with Microland, a computer HW sales / maintenance giant, in Mumbai, in 1997. After a few months of working as an Associate Network Engineer, he realized that his passion lay in SW. Hence, he moved back to Chennai and worked as a Trainee Programmer at InteQsys Pvt. Ltd., which at the time was developing SW in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, and later on, in Stock Market / Mutual Funds analysis, all using C++ / MFC. After a substantial stint of 12 years with InteQsys, he moved to Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. in their Digital Video Broadcasting team in Chennai, where he served on various projects all serving to provide products and solutions to customers in the traditional STB landscape, and later catering to OTT customers as well. After working 10 years in the video domain, he decided to start his own venture, uncode IT Solutions to offer the wealth of his experience and exposure to build SW solutions for various industry requirements.


Srinivasan Varadarajan, Business Advisor

Srinivasan Varadarajan is a seasoned professional with over 23 years of operations and program management expertise. His multifaceted skill set that includes product innovation, organizational management, business development, and marketing, has built his remarkable track record of driving strategic business programs and projects to fruition. His technical prowess spans diverse domains: operations, sales management, distribution management, product portfolio management, headcount planning, budgeting, KPI and risk management, and employee engagement.

Throughout his illustrious career, Srinivasan has consistently displayed an unparalleled ability to plan, prioritize, coordinate, and execute initiatives that enhance operational stability, efficiency, and profitability. His impressive leadership skills, unwavering commitment to excellence, and technical acumen make him a prized asset for any organization or venture. Srinivasan Varadarajan is a high-caliber professional capable of steering success across various industries and domains, making him a trusted and valuable partner in achieving business objectives.

Amba Shankar, Technical Advisor

Amba Shankar is an accomplished IT Product and Practice Head with a rich and diverse background spanning over 25 years. A career journey defined by a relentless commitment to driving excellence in software development across a wide spectrum of industries, including healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and beyond. His primary objective is to leverage his extensive experience, leadership acumen, and deep-rooted understanding of agile methodologies to steer organizations towards digital transformation and sustainable growth. He's a proven strategist with a track record of envisioning and executing transformative IT product initiatives, with an ability to craft innovative product roadmaps, backed by meticulous market analysis and trend monitoring, and he has consistently positioned organizations for market leadership. He has keen focus on advancing the frontiers of technology in the domains of IoT, Robotic Automation, and Data Science. Also, he has led the development of cutting-edge IoT solutions and innovations that unlock new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer experiences, driving organizations towards a future where connected devices and data-driven insights are integral to their success.

He continues to champion Robotic Automation and RPA initiatives, with a commitment to automating repetitive tasks, enabling employees to focus on higher-value activities, and achieving seamless process orchestration across the organization. He is a passionate advocate for agile methodologies, having successfully led multiple teams in the adoption of Scrum and Kanban practices. The result has been a substantial improvement in operational efficiency and a remarkable reduction in time-to-market, ultimately enhancing the company's competitive edge. He has built and nurtured strong client relationships and has consistently ensured that the developed solutions align with and exceed customer expectations. Moreover, he has experience in Financial Stewardship extending to budget planning and resource allocation, by striking a balance between optimizing cost-efficiency and delivering top-notch products.


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