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MIS Web Application for businesses

ProMIS is a proprietary web application developed by uncode IT Solutions with help and guidance from PPS (Performance Products & Services), who are one of the prestigious distributors in Chennai for various business principals. This product has been tried, tested and in use by them. Visit for more information on them.

Salient Features
  • Extraction of data at EOD from remote Tally® application server containing accounts

  • Graphical / tabular view of financial information, such as, Sales, Gross Margin, Expenses, and Net Margin

  • Segregation of data based on business (cost center in Tally®), product, customer, and customer branch

  • View of financial information based on a selected date, week, month, quarter, or year

  • Comparison of financial information on a W-on-W, M-on-M, Q-on-Q, and Y-on-Y basis

  • Detailed list of vouchers outstanding / overdue after accounting for Credit Notes, Receipts and Journal entries

  • View of vouchers that are part of the collection target for the selected month

  • View of vouchers available in Tally®: Sales, Purchase, Collections (Direct receipts / Journal entries), Expense, Credit Note, and Debit Note

  • Graphical view of average collection days

  • Plan vs. Actuals - Set and review targets for the team on Sales / Gross Margin / Expenses / Net Margin / Avg. Collection Days

  • Dashboard of Sales / Quantity sold / Collection Target / Collections / Outstanding / Overdues based on selected period

  • Automatic emails every morning to Admins / Editors with information present in the dashboard

  • Display of Alerts / Events for key information / errors

  • Display of discrepancies, which include vouchers which are incongruent as per design

  • Easy-to-use, and intuitive design with pleasing graphics

  • License includes up to 15 users at any desired authorization level: Admin (Proprietor / CEO / CFO) / Editor (Business Heads / Managers) / Viewer (Team Members)

  • Separate login for each user, with restrictions based on their authorization level

  • Full privacy of data: A separate instance on the cloud for each customer of ProMIS, so that there's no overlap of data

Tally® is the registered trademark of Tally Solutions. Please visit for more information