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Web Applications



  • Python / Django

  • TS / Angular

  • Linux


  • AWS / Azure

  • MySQL



  • RESTful API

  • JSON

  • Gunicorn

Web applications need a slightly different approach to development when compared to desktop applications, in that there's an innate latency introduced by the network / Internet, which needs to be factored in to achieve high speed of displaying results on the user's screen from the time a query / request has been raised. Databases have to be fully normalized and minimal computation must be carried out in the backend when returning results to the frontend, which must visualize it in the most ideal manner. All of these govern the design we start with in order to provide the best experience for the user. Python and Typescript provide for OO-programming, which is the backbone of our strategy to deliver code that is most maintainable and still proficient in terms of performance. Our philosophy is based on using Open Source software, which naturally yields the technologies / platforms we prefer to use, such as, Linux, MySQL, Django / Python, Typescript / Angular, NGINX, gunicorn, etc. Our solutions are usually hosted on Amazon AWS, or Microsoft Azure. However, our code does not tie in with the platform, which makes it readily amenable to migration to any other platform. This same architecture was employed to develop our maiden product: ProMIS. For more information, visit the Solutions page.

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