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Static Websites


Static website development involves a little more creativity than utility when compared to applications, which are more to brutally satisfy a function. Form is of utmost importance in static websites, which serve as the window of a company / venture to the entire world. Hence, there needs to be a great degree of attention to design, content, and colours. We provide all such services, and only requires us to be inspired and sensitized by the client with respect to the requirements. We have in-house designers, and content writers, who could spawn designs and textual content as per the client's requirements. We usually use Wix for our static website development needs, since Wix has all that a static website developer needs (plus it's really inexpensive), and for anything extra, they provide a developer mode, and custom Java script, and HTML embedding facility that comes in handy to provide a unique experience for the client. If required, we do provide our development expertise to build websites using Wordpress as well. In addition to developing websites, we also provide web-hosting configuration, and domain registration services. Visit our Stories page for examples of some static websites we have developed based on client requirements.

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