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Desktop Applications



  • C++

  • Python

  • ...


  • MFC

  • PyQt

  • Qt


  • SQL

  • XML / JSON

  • Windows

Our core strength is desktop application development, having started programming in an age of desktop applications. Although our preference of technology / platform / framework would gravitate towards C++ / MFC to churn out an application to build any desktop software system, we have grown to embrace the ease and speed of development using Python, and PyQt, which make development not only simpler, but much easier to migrate across platforms. We grew alongside persistence in flat files and plain ODBC-connected Databases, and later to XML, and JSON. However, we believe in the ruggedness, security, and complexity that databases can handle these days, especially with the plethora of options available to connect to Python programs these days. Windows has been our bread and butter platform, but we do have experience in building backend embedded applications on Linux using C++ as well.

In all, our philosophy is to develop code that is accurate, fast, and modular. Hence, OOPS is the core of our design thinking, and our architectures are built along these philosophies. And, because of our mastery of OOPS and the complex concepts that is demanded by C++, we have the confidence of learning / mastering any language along the way, and delivering high quality code. We are currently fulfilling contractual obligations to Elena Geosystems for their desktop application development needs. See the Stories page for more information.

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